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As we’ve discussed here before, the US Bartenders’ Guild is much more than just a trade association. Beyond their educational initiatives, community service, and regular work with local, sustainable farmers, the USBG has involved itself with numerous charities over the years—because what better way to rally the community behind a cause than with the promise of a few drinks?

Negroni Week, a collaboration between Imbibe Magazine and Campari, has been one of the cocktail world’s favorite philanthropic events since it first launched in 2013. Part international Negroni festival, part fundraiser, last year’s celebration featured more than 3,500 bars around the world and raised over $320,000 for various charitable causes. This year’s event will run from June 6-12, and is set to break records all over again.

As part of the festivities, the USBG is planning a series of bike rides to raise money for the Helen David Relief Fund, a charity founded to assist bartenders and service industry professionals affected by breast cancer. The rides will cover 40 miles each, and are slated to run in San Francisco, Chicago, Orlando, and Las Vegas over the course of the week. Folks are encouraged to sponsor their local teams, and each rider has set a goal of raising at least $250 for the cause.

An avid cyclist when he’s not knocking back Negronis, our very own Jay Hung will be riding in this year’s event! You can help sponsor his ride here, or find your local team and donate to theirs. For more details on Negroni Week, check out their official website.


Click Here to Support Jay’s Ride!


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