Pendleton Whisky (they drop the E) is a 10-year old blended Canadian whiskey.  It’s made with water from Mt. Hood in Oregon, and is bottled by Oregon’s Hood River Distillers, but since it’s distilled in Canada, Pendleton keeps its Canadian whiskey label.

On the nose, Pendleton Whisky is sweet, with notes of caramel and vanilla.  The first sip is very sweet, with lots of brown sugar and molasses, almost reminiscent of an aged rum.  A bit of rye spiciness and some smoke filters through to add more complexity to the spirit.  It goes down smoothly without any harshness, and finishes with that same sweetness.

Add a bit of water or an ice cube, and the sweetness is tempered a bit, but the flavors become very muted and give way to more pronounced alcohol notes.

Overall, Pendleton’s not bad, but it’s not for me. That said, those with a sweet tooth might have found their new favorite dram, and I imagine Pendleton appealing to some drinkers who don’t traditionally enjoy whiskey.

– 40% Alcohol by Volume
– $25

Hood River Distillers also bottles and distributes Broker’s Gin.


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  • Joe says:

    I used to drink Canadian Whiskey (with an ‘e’) when I was young. I abandoned it in favor of single-malt Scotch Whiskys and lately, top-shelf rums.

    I find my taste gravitates more towards the sweet and spicy. Caramel, toffee, and spice notes appeal to me, which is why I immediately liked th offering from Pendleton.

    It enters the palate with a light touch, then expands very nicely into a moderately complex and persistent finish.

    Pendleton will own a spot in my bar. Something no Canadian Whiskey has done for the last 30 years.

    All in all, Pendleton is a terrific value, and deserves a taste by anyone who, like me, left Canadian Whiskeys in the past.

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