ransom dry vermouthBased in Oregon, Ransom Spirits produces a diverse lineup of fine beverages, including their most well-known product: Ransom Old Tom Gin. Over the years, we’ve enjoyed Ransom’s gins as well as Whipper Snapper Whiskey, but this week brought our first taste of Ransom Dry Vermouth.

Ransom Dry Vermouth is made from a base of aromatic white wines and Pinot Noir blanc, and it’s fortified with brandy they distill and age on site. Unlike most vermouths, Ransom lists every ingredient right on the label, and these include botanicals like wormwood, star anise, cardamom, fennel, burdock root and citrus peels, plus something called “scullcap.” The result is a dry vermouth that’s floral and herbaceous with plenty of acidity. It’s well-balanced and delicious on its own. If you’re so inclined, just pour a healthy measure over a few ice cubes, and drop in a twist of lemon for a great aperitif.

But when it comes to dry vermouth, most people think cocktails. Ransom Dry Vermouth makes a fine martini, so that’s a good starting point. The flavorful and aromatic vermouth plays nicely with the botanicals in gin, whether you’re working with London Dry or something else. When mixing, we used Beefeater for martini number one and Ransom Old Tom Gin for martini number two. They resulted in two very different martinis, but each remained balanced, letting the gin and the vermouth shine.

It was a logical step for Ransom to make vermouth, already having a winery and distillery at their disposal. And with Ransom Dry Vermouth, they’ve made an admirable one.

– 18.4% ABV
– $30

CE Rating: ★★★★

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