rhum barbancourt 3 starHaiti’s Rhum Barbancourt makes a range of rums including the 3 Star, which is aged for four year in oak. This rum is distilled from pressed sugar cane juice, rather than the sugar cane byproduct, molasses, which is the base of most rums.

Rhum Barbancourt 3 Star has a shimmering, pale gold appearance and aromas of brown sugar and vanilla. The nose is somewhat muted by a heavy alcohol presence, not unsurprising for a relatively young rum. Take a sip though, and the alcohol gives way to rich flavors of butter cream, molasses and burnt sugar.

The rum is a little rough around the edges and hot on the tongue, but it’s a pleasantly familiar heat – that “I’m drinking rum” warmth I associate with beach vacations. The finish is long and dry with notes of pepper and spice.

Overall, Rhum Barbancourt 3 Star walks the line between a sipping rum and a mixer. It’s got enough flavor for sipping, but due to its youth, it lacks the composed structure of older rums, including its more refined 8 year-old sibling. And though it’s a bit too delicate in cocktails calling for aged rum, it does make a decent rum old fashioned and anejo daiquiri.

Incidentally, this rum is great in baked goods.

– 43% Alcohol by Volume
– $25

CE Rating: ★★★


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