Russian Standard Vodka, Russia’s number one premium vodka brand, just announced the launch of Russian Standard Gold in the U.S. market, with select availability nationwide. From the company —

Russian Standard Gold uses the finest Russian ingredients including carefully selected Siberian Golden Roots for a uniquely rich and exceptionally smooth taste.  Russian Standard Gold is soft on the palate and has hints of spice, vanilla and cinnamon notes. This exceptional vodka is best consumed neat, as a chilled shot or on the rocks.

The exquisite packing – with its luxurious gift box and embossed gold-foiled label – expresses the tradition of Russian generosity and gift-giving. Open the box and the bottle is revealed in all its glory, adopting the traditional and authentic Russian Standard bottle shape.

Russian Standard Gold debuted in Russia in 2008 and is currently launching in multiple international markets. A 750ml bottle will retail for a hefty $45.


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