russian standard vodkaRussian Standard Vodka has been produced in St. Petersburg since 1998. It’s distilled from Russian winter wheat and cut with glacial water from a local lake. It’s also the vodka of choice in a Moscow Mule.

Russian Standard’s aroma is light and fresh, with traces of wheat bread overshadowing the slight hit of alcohol. It’s thick and viscous on the palate, with more wheat flavors and a sweet, vanilla creaminess. It moves toward a drying spice on the finish that coats the tongue for a rather long finish.

Russian Standard is a good value vodka. It plays up its Russianness in TV ads, but it’s better than many lifestyle-oriented vodkas on the market – further proving that you don’t need to spend $30 for serviceable vodka.

– 40% Alcohol by Volume
– $20


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  • Dwayne says:

    I recently tried Russian Standard vodka,I am a vodka drinker and I must say this is a smooth pleasant vodka, pleasing to the palate

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