There's nothing quite like curling up by the fireside with one of these in the fall and winter months, and the recipe is a snap.

sandeman founders fizz cocktailCarbonated cocktails took off in bars a couple years ago, and since then we’ve seen many great applications, including carbonated Americanos, Negronis, Palomas and many more. Anytime you directly carbonate a cocktail, rather than just topping it with soda water, you get a final product that’s more intensely fizzy from start to finish.

While this method is most often practiced at bars, it’s actually really easy to carbonate cocktails on your own. All you need is a carbonator — like the ones by Perlini and Sodastream — and whatever ingredients go into your drink. In a matter of minutes, you’ll have a refreshing, bubbly cocktail for enjoying at home, at the beach, the movies or wherever else drinking is fun.

One such carbonated cocktail we came across recently was the Sandeman Founders Fizz. Jonathan Pogash, aka the “Cocktail Guru”, created this drink for Sandeman, which was then served at the Manhattan Cocktail Classic. Take a gander at the recipe below.

Founders Fizz

2 oz Sandeman Founders Reserve Port
1/2 oz Ballentine’s Blended Scotch Whisky
3/4 oz blood orange juice
3/4 oz honey-cucumber water (honey that has been diluted with water that has cucumber slices marinating in it)

Add all ingredients to your carbonator of choice and carbonate. Then pour over ice into a tall glass, and garnish with a cucumber slice.

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