sombra mezcalSombra Mezcal is a bottle that’s been making the rounds at lots of bars over the past couple years. Introduced in 2009, this small-batch operator is produced in San Juan, a little Mexican village that’s stashed in the mountains 8,000 feet above sea level and just south of Oaxaca. The hills and valleys are teeming with espadin agave, which is harvested, baked, fermented and distilled in much the same way that mezcal has been produced for thousands of years.

The result is a spirit that’s sweet and smoky on the nose, with tons of roasted agave notes mingling with hints of tropical fruits. It’s clean and pleasant through and through, but still has a touch of that untamed fire to keep things interesting. Drink up for more of the same, plus a viscous mouthfeel that carries flavors ranging from creamy pineapple dessert to smoked wood and savory vegetation. The finish is long and dry, with much of the smoke dissipating in favor of citrus fruits and mild pepper.

All in all, that’s a finely-made mezcal. And given the price of many mezcals on the market, it’s a solid value, too.

– 45% Alcohol by Volume
– $35 – 40

CE Rating: ★★★

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