speyburn 10 scotchSpeyburn 10 Year is the flagship whisky from Speyburn Distillery, which dates back to 1897. It’s changed hands a few times since then, but the distillery continues to put out a modest supply of whisky via its two pot stills. And that whisky just happens to be one of the best value buys available today.

You can snag Speyburn 10 for about $25 in most markets. That’s unusually cheap for a single malt, but that alone doesn’t make this one worth purchasing. We’d rather keep our money than spend it on swill, but in this case, Speyburn is producing something solid, even more so when you consider the price point.

On the nose, Speyburn 10 is light and easy with notes of fruit, citrus and spice. The palate is medium-bodied, with flavors ranging from apples and pears to toffee, malt, heathered honey, oak and mint. The finish is long and dry with lots of barley.

It’s certainly not the best whisky we’ve tasted, and it’s a little rough around the edges at times. But there’s plenty to like here, and for less than $30 a bottle, it’s an admirable, everyday kind of dram. Pour it over ice, mix it with soda, top it up with ginger ale. Do what you like, and don’t feel bad about it.

– 43% ABV
– $25

CE Rating: ★★★

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