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Today, Denver-based Spring44 Distilling announced the launch of its Spring44 Vodka, Honey Vodka and Gin. Each spirit is produced with water from the Colorado Rocky Mountains that’s sourced at 9,044 feet and is supposedly some of the best water on earth.

From the company —

Spring44 Spirits are 5x distilled exclusively with Spring44 water from a unique American grown multi-grain blend of wheat, corn and rye. Spring44 uses a virgin coconut husk carbon filtration system. This natural filter helps ensure the smoothest and purest product possible. Spring44 Gin is produced with a propriety blend of 12 all natural botanicals, creating a magical, harmonious blend of spirit and experience.

“We wanted to bring a superior and distinctive American-made product to the consumer that delivers a great taste, an ultra smooth finish, and that is socially responsible,” said Spring44 Chief Marketing Officer, Russ Wall.

Spring 44 Vodka delivers amazing clarity with a slightly sweet aroma. This nicely dry vodka has a velvety texture, long finish and rye spiciness. The golden color Spring44 Honey Vodka delivers a light honey sweetness with hints of lavender, vanilla, toasted nuts and honey straight from the honeycomb. Impeccably clear, Spring44 Gin is delightfully citrus on the front palate. The mid palate showcases juniper with hints of cinnamon and green tea, finishing nicely dry with distinct notes of jasmine and lavender.

Spring44 Spirits will initially be available for purchase in New York and Colorado. The vodkas retails for $24.99 and the gin runs $29.99.

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  • Chris Rady says:

    I just happened upon this Spring44 honey vodka at a bar in New York, I had never heard of it before. I’m a big vodka drinker and the bartender said it was made from a spring in Colorado that is some of the purist water on earth. So what the I ordered a drink of this on the rocks and I wasn’t disappointed, it was some of the best vodka i’ve ever drank, very smooth and great finish. I’ve since tried to find it locally in south florida but no one seems to know about it. I’ve found it on the web and its only sold in NY and CO. So Mr. Spring44 South Florida is waiting? Come on man!!!!!! P.S. I did order a case on line!!!!

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