springbank 10 scotchSpringbank Single Malt Scotch is distilled in Campbeltown, one of Scotland’s four recognized whiskey-producing regions. Springbank Distillery is the oldest independent family-owned distillery in Scotland and still uses by-hand production techniques throughout the whiskey-making process.

Springbank’s 10 Year Old offering is the youngest expression in the Springbank lineup. 60 percent of the whiskey is matured in bourbon casks, while the other 40 percent is matured in sherry casks. Once blended, the result is a smooth, lush spirit with lots of fruit and spice.

On the nose, the Springbank 10 Year has mild notes of pear, malt and just a hint of peat. Take a sip and vanilla, baking spices, oak and more pear shine through. In the background lies an interesting savory character, like a mixture of brine and salty meat. I mean that in the best possible way. The finish is fairly mild, with some muted sweetness and more fruit.

This is good stuff. It’s complex enough for a seasoned Scotch drinker, but light enough on peat smoke to not alienate those new to the category.

– 46% Alcohol by Volume
– $55


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  • Markku says:

    Springbank is my only scotch, because it’s so traditional. 100% handmade, no coloring, no chill filtering, just so complex!
    This is the way all whiskies should be, there’s too many too light and easy whiskies around. I mean all whiskies that’s 40% abv, those are always disappointments…

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