Does the world need more flavored vodkas? Especially if those flavors are “Hot” and “Sticki”?

Stolichnaya – one of the industry’s leading vodka brands and current producer of such flavors as chocolate raspberry, white pomegranate and wild cherry – just announced two flavor additions to their portfolio. From the company:

Stoli Hot offers the warm, fiery sensation of jalapeño peppers found on the bottle’s label and is the only jalapeño flavored vodka with significant mouth-heat. It is spicy on the palate yet has a delicate smoky quality. By contrast, Stoli Sticki is inspired by the candied, warm palate of the finest honey and has the added complexity of discernible floral notes that complement the subtle sweetness of its flavor profile.

The new products are updated takes on Stoli’s first flavors – Pertsovka (Pepper) and Okhotnichya (Honey and Herb) – each introduced in 1962. We can appreciate a return to your roots, but why the names? “Hot” is at least a solid reference to jalapeños, but “Sticki”? There are plenty of sticky substances I don’t want anywhere near my liquor. Sure, it’s just honey, and a quick glance at the label confirms it, but who wants to order a “Stoli Sticki and Soda” from their neighborhood barkeep? What’s wrong with naming the product Stoli Honey? It’s like Three Olives Purple. Sure you can make the connection to grapes, but why not simply call it what it is?

We’ll see if the new flavors catch on, or if Stoli Sticki becomes the star of the latest Internet meme. If you’d like to get your hands on a bottle, Stoli Hot and Stoli Sticki will become available in April 2012.

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