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Swift is a new single malt whiskey being produced in Dripping Springs, TX by husband and wife team, Nick and Amanda Swift. The twice-distilled whiskey is made from 100% Scottish malted barley and modeled after a traditional Speyside Scotch. The water is even controlled down to the molecular level to match the composition of Scotland’s water for some extra authenticity. From there, Swift Single Malt is aged in Kentucky Bourbon barrels and finished in Oloroso sherry casks.

In the days of “handmade” this and “craft” that, Swift is produced from start to finish by actual people with actual hands. Each barrel and cask is coopered in house by Nick. The liquid is hand bottled and labeled by the couple, and batch numbers are handwritten on the front label.

On the nose, Swift Single Malt is full of malt, honey and hints of fruit–mostly apples and pears. Take a sip, and things take an interesting turn. The fruits move toward red fruits and peaches, and chocolate takes hold mid palate. It’s here that some wood and spice notes start to come out, too. The finish is long, smooth and dry.

This is fun whiskey. It tastes young–and it is young–but it’s flavorful and easy to drink from beginning to end. We’re impressed with the distillery’s first go round, and we look forward to see what they do next. It would be interesting to sample this whiskey again once it’s had more time to mature. Whether that’s in the cards, we’re not sure. But we’ll be keeping an eye on these guys.

– 43% ABV
– $55

CE Rating: ★★★

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  • Nick says:


    Amanda & I appreciate your review, and hope you enjoyed! We just released our 3rd bottling which has 3 extra months in sherry, and there’s several barrels set back to continue growing the tradition here in Texas. Our favorite part of all this is continuing to learn and working to make the whiskey even better. Please let us know if y’all would like to visit the distillery and thank you again for helping share our story.

    Owner Swift Distillery, Llc

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