talisker stormTalisker Storm came stateside in October as a permanent addition to Talisker’s portfolio, joining a range that includes a 10, 18 and 25 year expression. Talisker Storm is more intense and smoky than its siblings, and unlike the others, this one carries no age statement. It’s comprised of malts as young as three years and as old as 20 years, with a variety of casks implemented in the aging process. All that creates a flavorful dram with a fine balance between sweetness and smoke that drinks easier than its stormy name would indicate.

Talisker Storm pours gold in your glass and smells distinctly of honey and peat. It’s smokier than the 10 year, but but overpowering. Drink up for flavors of honey and fruit, plus some pepper mixed with salty maritime peat. It finishes very dry, with some mellow fruit and more smoke taking you to the end.

Talisker’s Master Blender did a fine job here, creating a well-balanced expression. It manages to taste youthful without many of the raw, unfinished characteristics you come to expect from young whiskeys. The compilation of malts marries plenty of smoke with some fruit and spice, plus just the right amount of salty ocean brine. It’s a different drinking experience than the Talisker 10, though if you like that, it’s an easy jump to Talisker Storm.

– 45.8% ABV
– $66

CE Rating: ★★★

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  • CGT says:

    I don’t know what scotch you were drinking but Storm is absolutely not more intense than the 10yo Talisker. They are both good but the 10yo is much smokey/peaty than the storm.

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