hudson whiskey tasting

hudson whiskey tastingHudson Whiskey recently rolled through town and treated us to some fine libations. Gable Erenzo, Distiller and Brand Ambassador, walked us through the product lineup, which sports a formidable cadre of five whiskeys.

Birthed out of a small town in New York, the family turned an old gristmill into a distillery. And after they received their license in 2005, they began producing their spirits from locally sourced grains. Water also plays an important role in Hudson’s production. They use onsite well water with a high mineral content until the grains are fermented. After that, they move to a reverse osmosis system.

The value of the ingredients stands out in the depth and character of their whiskeys, and — perhaps most interesting of all — they use highly targeted bass music to roll their barrels. The calculated vibrations encourage a unique wood and spirit interaction. Which… cool.

Here’s a short breakdown of the happy Hudson Family.

New York Corn
This clear, 100% corn whiskey is never aged and one sniff gives off a strong scent of wet corn. It’s got a very breathy texture, drinks smoothly, and finishes with a mild spice. The lightness is reminiscent of vodka, but it maintains a husky, hay nuance that makes it way more fun to drink.

Baby Bourbon
This young bourbon has an exceptional woodiness with an uplifting, gentle aroma of smoke and oak. It’s mildly sweet and dangerously drinkable.

Four Grain Bourbon
This one has a sweet caramel nose with a smooth and inviting entry. The finish is densely spiced and mature. The blend of grains is complex, yet gentle and abruptly forgiving. The grain characters evolve throughout the palate and provide excellent balance.

Single Malt
With a maple syrup aroma, this single malt has a light spice and is especially smooth. The tender spice kick is balanced by the sweetness of the malt, both of which are tempered by the earthy background.

Manhattan Rye
This rye is audaciously spiced with understated sweetness. It’s a bit of a punch in the mouth, but finishes well and warms the chest in all the right ways.

The Hudson Whiskey lineup possesses notable depth and complexity, and all five are worth seeking out. This is small batch at its definition — they’re literally packaged in tiny bottles — so the price tags aren’t modest. But these guys are passionate and intense about producing quality spirits, and it shows in their quality array of whiskeys.

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