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It’s said that sailors first began the practice of mixing bitters with gin to cure seasickness (or, more likely, to get toasted on the job). In today’s world, we have The Bitter Truth. The decade-old German company, known primarily for its bitters, also produces a gin blended with aromatic bitters they call “Pink Gin.”

The gin appears pink in the bottle (which also notes the use of “caramel color”), but pours mostly clear with just a hint of color. Aside from the expected juniper, licorice and caraway are also present on the nose. On the palate, the gin’s flavors are powerful–it begins sweet, with something like the taste of ripe peach. After this, notes of licorice and anise build, finishing with a strong helping of caraway seeds.

The entire experience is remarkably light and cool, and somewhat unexpected coming from a gin. At 80 proof, it’s slightly less potent than many craft gins, but certainly no lightweight.

In a Fever Tree gin and tonic with a lime wedge, it proves light and agreeable, subdued until the kick of anise and caraway ramps up at the end.

The Bitter Truth Pink Gin feels like a compromise between traditional dry gins and their often aggressively floral new world cousins. It’s a smooth ride that manages to fit in a floral flourish before it’s done.

— 40% ABV
— $34.99

CE Rating: ★★★

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