The Macallan 1991 Fine & Rare

The Macallan’s got something new up its sleeve. It’s a limited-release, vintage-dated single malt whisky expression called The Macallan 1991 Fine & Rare–a good name for such a spirit. Back on the fateful day of March 28, 1991, a cask was filled. Fast forward two and a half decades, and that now-much-older whisky was bottled at its natural cask strength of 49.4% ABV, a proof deemed by Master Whisky Maker, Bob Dalgarno, to be the ideal strength to fully appreciate the palate of this 1991 Fine & Rare vintage.

The Macallan 1991 Fine & Rare will retail for approximately $10,000 per 750ml bottle. So it’s not cheap, but it’s still not the brand’s most expensive whiskey. To purchase this one for yourself, you’ll want to reach out directly by emailing Until then, the brand provided some tasting notes to whet your single malt appetite.

Color: Glossy cinnamon.
Aroma: Classic aromas of apple, dried fruit and vanilla are followed by ginger, nutmeg and almonds.
Palate: Sweet spice, raisin and fig. Soft yet intense.
Finish: Lingering notes of fruit, soft yet resinous oak and refined velvet sweetness.

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