tru organic vodkaTRU Organic Vodka comes from the Greenbar Collective, a company that offers the world’s largest portfolio of organic spirits. If you’re unfamiliar with TRU, you may recognize Crusoe Rums, Ixa Tequila or Fruitlab Organic Liqueurs. Same guys. We’ve got a bunch of Greenbar’s products on our to-do list, so we’ll start with the vodka.

TRU Organic Straight Vodka is distilled from American wheat and cut with water. That’s it, just two ingredients. On the nose, it’s light and clean, with mild notes of grain. Take a sip, and the mouthfeel is very light, almost like you’re drinking water. Some flavor does shine through, including sweet earthy notes and a touch of pepper, but this is largely a neutral vodka. It finishes clean and easy.

We typically prefer our vodkas with a bit more flavor — perhaps some citrus or vanilla — but Tru is exceptionally clean without the unpleasant medicinal and ethanol notes present in many vodkas. TRU might be onto something with this organic thing.

And for the environmentally conscious, you might like to know that for every bottle sold, these guys plant a tree to offset their carbon footprint. So that’s nice.

– 40% ABV
– $33

CE Rating: ★★★

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