Wild Turkey Rare Breed is a barrel proof bourbon, which means that it’s bottled straight from the barrel, with no added water to lower the proof or dilute the whiskey. It’s composed of six, eight and 12-year old Wild Turkey stocks, which combine to form a very lush, flavorful bourbon.

On the nose, Wild Turkey Rare Breed has some alcoholic top notes, so give it a few minutes to open up before diving in. The alcohol eventually gives way to aromas of oranges, tobacco, oak and spice. Take a sip to find sweeter flavors and a smoother spirit than the nose indicates. It shows lots of vanilla, brown sugar, and honey, plus a rye bite that keeps things in check. The bourbon finishes dry with some mild hints of licorice, nuts and cocoa toward the end.

Wild Turkey Rare Breed is a big whiskey with lots of flavor and spice. A single ice cube tempers the heat without muddling the flavors, but bourbon enthusiasts will likely enjoy the spirit neat. Throw in too much ice and the bourbon loses the rye bite, which is a great counterpart to the sweet honey and vanilla.

Fans of Wild Turkey 101 who appreciate the brand’s flavor profile but want a more complex bourbon – and don’t mind the extra $15 – should give Rare Breed a try.

– 54.1% Alcohol by Volume
– $40


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  • Ernie Galvan says:

    I have a bottle of wild turkey rare breed that has on the neck of it the following: batch no w-t-01-91. I’m planning on opening it in August when my oldest grandchild turns 21. I was wondering how old this bourbon is. Thanks

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