Here’s some good news for cheese lovers.  The Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board offers a site called Cheese Cupid, which helps the discerning cheese fiend pair wines, beers and spirits with cheese.

Everyone loves cheese (the lactose intolerant excluded), and if you can properly pair it with your drink of choice – even better.  Learn which cheeses best complement your favorite Chianti, pale ale or scotch, or switch it up to learn which drinks pair best with that block of cheese you’ve been saving for a rainy day.

While it’s new to me, Cheese Cupid has been offering its pairing services for awhile, but adding to its utility, last week Cheese Cupid revamped the site and launched a blog that details a new cheese pairing every week.  From Cheese Cupid –

The new is fun, easy and super helpful, allowing mixologists of any skill to quickly pair alcohol with its perfect cheese counterpart (or vice versa). The site offers stylish cheese pairing guides that party hosts can print out for guests, helping them spread their love of cheese and libations with others. Foodies on the go can even download the free Wisconsin Cheese Cupid iPhone application to their smart phones before heading to the package store.

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