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Woody Creek Distillers caught our eye a couple years ago when we first sampled their once-distilled 100% potato vodka. We appreciated that it tasted like a once-distilled 100% potato vodka. Fast forward to now, and we got our hands on a couple new bottles, including the Woody Creek Colorado Gin. Style wise, they’re calling it a combination of London Dry and New World gins. The pure potato base spirit is macerated with a mix of botanicals including local juniper, lemongrass, coriander, cinnamon, angelica, hibiscus, lavender, cranberries and grains of paradise, as well as fresh citrus peels. And that mixture is then redistilled.

First impression: nice packaging. It’s a handsome bottle and label, and it looks good on our bar. But more importantly, Woody Creek Colorado Gin pours crystal clear in the glass and sports aromas of juniper, citrus and tart fruit, plus hints of something sweet and creamy. On the palate it’s silky, with a soft and mildly sweet entry leading to more dryness on the mid-palate. The juniper comes out again, plus more citrus, spice and plenty of floral notes. It finishes clean and easy.

This is good gin. The juniper is prominent and plays nice with the other mix of botanicals. This is definitely a hybrid London Dry/New Western gin, but Woody Creek walks the line deftly, creating a clean and flavorful gin for sipping or mixing per your preference.

– 47% ABV
– $35.99

CE Rating: ★★★★

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