yellow rose outlaw bourbon

Yellow Rose Outlaw Bourbon hails from the small town of Pinehurst, TX. Yellow Rose Distilling is a new operation, with just a couple years under its belt, but its already put out small batches of blended whiskey and rye whiskey, in addition to the bourbon.

Yellow Rose Outlaw Bourbon is comprised of 100% corn, a rarity in the bourbon industry. Law dictates that bourbon must only be 51% corn, so most producers mix in some wheat, rye and/or barley to round things out. With only corn in the mashbill, the result is a relatively sweet whiskey. Aged for just six months (though in small barrels, which speeds up the aging process), the bourbon tastes young. It’s not particularly harsh. It’s just missing some of the character you’ll find in older bourbons.

On the nose, the 92 proof bourbon has some alcoholic top notes, so give it a minute to sit in the glass. Once the alcohol fades, you’ll get some burnt corn, caramel and vanilla. Drink up for a warm mouthfeel and flavors of toasted wood, cereal grains and sweet caramel. The lingering finish is dry with just a hint of pepper.

Overall, not bad. We’d wager that more time in barrels will help this young whiskey. But it’s worth sampling if you can stomach the price. If you’d like to procure a bottle for yourself, you can find Yellow Rose Outlaw Bourbon in a handful of Texas liquor stores, including Spec’s.

– 46% Alcohol by Volume
– $70

CE Rating: ★★

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