Afrohead Rum Review

Afrohead Rum may have one of the most literal labels I’ve encountered: a highly stylized woman with a magnificent, crowned afro with curls that expand outward in every direction. As far as liquor bottle logos go, it’s pretty great.

This seven-year-old spirit is made from molasses chiefly sourced in the Dominican Republic, and undergoes distillation in Trinidad (likely at the Angostura Distillery). It’s then blended with other aged rums and matured in once-used bourbon barrels before being bottled in Barbados.

The spirit that comes out of that bottle has a light amber body and a sweet nose with hints of banana. It’s very sweet on the palate, with notes of vanilla and honey. Its character proves to be mostly one-note, though it is accented by some oak and spice near the end. It’s a welcome touch, but not enough to make the finish particularly interesting.

Afrohead is a decent rum, but it lacks the body and complexity that many look for in an aged rum. It works just fine in a Cuba Libre cocktail, though its price tag sits above comfortable mixer range.

— 40% ABV
— $32

CE Rating: ★★

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