In late May, Balcones Distilling out of Waco, TX announced the release of its third Texas corn whiskey — Brimstone. Per the name, Brimstone Whisky (they drop the ‘e’) is purified through Texas oak fire. Rather than using Scottish peat smoke to impart smoky aromas, this unique whiskey is smoked with sun-baked Texas scrub oak. The result is a spirit full of fresh corn, light fruit and bold smokiness. It features aromas of masa, campfire and powdered sugar, all tempered with a touch of salt.

“It’s a Texas campfire in a glass, but also surprisingly smooth and round for a smoked whisky,” says President and Head Distiller Chip Tate. “It’s full of bold flavors. I’ve been pleased and surprised how well folks seem to like it.”

I’ve yet to see a price tag for the new product, but bottles of the 106 proof Brimstone are now becoming available in Texas.

Other Balcones products include Baby Blue Corn Whisky, two single malts – one peated and one not – and Rumble, a unique spirit distilled from wildflower honey, mission figs and turbinado sugar.


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