beefeater 24 ginBeefeater 24 Gin is a variation of Beefeater’s London Dry Gin, adding a handful of new components to the spirit, including grapefruit peel and, most notably, Japanese and Chinese green tea.

Beefeater 24 gets its name from its unique distillation process, in which all botanicals are steeped together in the base spirit for 24 hours before going into traditional pot stills.

Beefeater 24 is great on the nose, with that characteristic juniper backbone you’d expect from Beefeater. But there’s a heavy layer of citrus as well, including grapefruit and orange. I don’t get any tea in the aroma, but there’s a dry, herbal tannic background that could be attributed to the tea in addition to other botanicals.  Take a sip though, and you’ll taste mild notes of tea, plus flavors of juniper, citrus and some licorice. The mouth feel is rich and silky.

At 90 proof, it’s quite drinkable straight, but an ice cube mellows out the heat. Because its flavor profile doesn’t stray too far from original Beefeater, the 24 works well in traditional gin cocktails, like the martini and gin and tonic. It’s definitely a gin utilizing tea as one of its many botanicals, rather than a tea-flavored gin.  And in my estimation, that’s a big reason why it works.

– 45% Alcohol by Volume
– $30

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