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Ddrinks-related gifting often takes the form of alcohol itself, cocktail books, or accessories that aid in the creation of said cocktails. What doesn’t get discussed nearly often enough is actual, literal, cocktail attire. And that seems like an oversight, because it’s out there.

From cotton-velvet smoking slippers depicting tumblers filled with scotch to printed ties boasting highballs or Martinis, these boozy accessories may be just the unexpected gifts you’re looking for.

Even if the intended recipient is you.

Blue Drinks Print Silk Tie

Blue Drinks Silk Tie

This 100% silk printed tie from British maker Drake’s features a kaleidoscopic spread of boozy vessels, among them a Champagne flute, a foamy beer stein, a highball glass, and what appears to be some sort of tropical drink in a tumbler. Just try and keep your own drink safely in your glass and not on the tie.

Negroni Espadrilles

Negroni Espadrilles

2019—apparently the Negroni’s 100th anniversary—was a banner year for the iconic Italian libation. So perhaps it’s not too surprising that the bitter cocktail’s visage turns up on a pair of espadrilles alongside a cocktail shaker. We wouldn’t normally recommend using a shaker for a Negroni, but in this context we’ll make an exception. And, if you’re looking for something a little lighter, you could always wear a Spritz instead.

Whiskey Row Leather Tab Belt

Whiskey Row Belt

At last, you can tighten the belt on your bourbon consumption—literally. This American-made belt features a grosgrain strip that renders several noted bourbon bottles in remarkable detail, including Maker’s Mark, Knob Creek, and Old Grand-Dad.

Scotch Slippers

Scotch Slippers

These cotton-velvet, grosgrain trimmed scotch slippers from Stubbs & Wotton aren’t the only alcohol-related slippers offered by the maker—see their Celebrate and Martini slippers as well—but these are the only pair that match an icy tumbler full of scotch to a smoldering cigar. Pursuing each activity while wearing both shoes is highly encouraged.

Printed Martini Tie

J Press Martini Tie

There’s nothing revolutionary about a tie decorated with every ’50s-era businessman’s favorite cocktail. The difference here is that those 1950s’ businessman probably wore J. Press during their three-Martini lunches, which elevates this more tasteful option from the Ivy League clothier above the rest of the pack.

Short Sleeve Mojito Shirt

Life After Denim Mojito Shirt

Not every piece of alcohol-affiliated clothing must be a handmade tie or smoking slipper. For a more casual option, look to this Life After Denim printed cotton shirt that features an all-over mojito pattern. It’s short sleeved, because adding long sleeves to any item of clothing featuring a mojito would be counterintuitive.

Not Stirred Pocket Square

Not Stirred 007 Pocket Square

A Martini pocket square is to be expected. What’s less expected is a pocket square with an original illustration depicting Sean Connery’s 007 making a Martini.

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