Bevvy + Cocktail Enthusiast

Friends and fellow drinkers, we’re excited today to announce that Bevvy has acquired Cocktail Enthusiast, adding our first sister property and expanding the Bevvy portfolio.

A balanced and refreshing mix.

Cocktail Enthusiast was founded in 2009 by food and drink writer, Kevin Gray, as a means to chronicle his own exploration of cocktails and spirits. Over the years, Kevin has built a small but dedicated team of journalists and industry professionals that has contributed thousands of reviews, recipes and articles while offering expert tips to help readers across the globe drink better.

Bevvy was founded as a passion project to help people discover and share great drinks, and our core audience has always been cocktail and spirit enthusiasts. From day one, our mission has been to connect the world to better drinking—an aspirational purpose intentionally with no end in sight—so that the mission can evolve and continue into the future.

Cocktail Enthusiast is perfectly aligned with our mission, and we are very excited to welcome them to the Bevvy family. Kevin will continue to run Cocktail Enthusiast just as he’s always done, and will also lend his expertise to Bevvy in a broader capacity.

It’s an exciting time to be a drinker!

Today, more people than ever before are interested in cocktails and spirits. Amazing bars and bartenders have elevated the craft to new heights, and their talented contributions are being recognized on an international stage, increasing consumer awareness and attracting new fans. At the same time, craft distilleries and quality products are launching every week, resulting in increased consumer choice.

Together, Cocktail Enthusiast and Bevvy are even better aligned to connect the world to better drinking.



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