Distileria Serralles, the Puerto Rican company that distills and distributes Don Q Rum, has introduced a new spiced rum to the market. Blackbeard Spiced Rum landed on U.S. shores in August, and like nearly all spiced rums, it maintains a pirate theme from name to label.

The golden amber spirit exhibits aromas of oaky vanilla and caramel.  Take a sip and taste plenty more vanilla and caramel, plus a gentle blend of spices, including nutmeg and cinnamon, and some citrus fruit. On the way down, there’s a slight peppery burn; it finishes long and very warm.

At 86 proof, there’s plenty of rum to go with the spice, which isn’t nearly as pronounced as many similar rums.  I imagine Blackbeard being consumed primarily as a mixer, but it’s certainly palatable on its own.  All in all, it’s a solid effort, and at a mere $15, it’s a nice change of pace from Captain Morgan.

– 43% Alcohol by Volume
– $15


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