Being an admirer of food and drink, there’s a soft spot in my heart for all things amari. So it’s been my pleasure to take a crack at Braulio, an “Amaro Alpino” named for Italy’s majestic Mount Braulio. Created by a pharmacist in 1875, Braulio’s recipe calls for a blend of 13 herbs, berries and roots such as gentian, juniper, wormwood and more.

Braulio’s nose is rich with orange peel, mint and anise. It’s sweet on the tongue, somewhat sweeter and less bitter at first–more so than many amari. The most powerful notes are of candied fruits, particularly orange, followed by strong peppermint. The strength of the peppermint cuts the sweetness, and eases the experience into a bittersweet final note.

Braulio is far less bracing than some of its contemporaries, while still avoiding saccharine territory thanks to the complexity of its finish. This makes for an amaro that should please the aficionado and the neophyte alike.

— 21% ABV
— $43 per one liter bottle

CE Rating: ★★★

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