Easter may have passed, but that doesn’t negate the need for a liquor made from 100% carrots. C Carrot Spirit comes from Boardroom Spirits, a Lansdale, Pennsylvania-based distiller making unique spirits based on Hungarian-style fruit brandies. We’ve previously reviewed their B Beet Spirit.

C pours clear in the glass, and has a strong nose of fresh-cut carrot. Unsurprising, as each 375ML bottle requires 12.5 pounds of carrots to produce.

It’s immediately hot on the tongue—chalk that up to the 92 proofage—and begins with a dry but fruity flavor on the palate. As the heat cools that fruitiness gives way to a sharp, potent taste of carrot that recalls not just the vegetable itself, but the soil, too.

Flavor wise it is less bracing than B: after all, carrots just have a milder flavor than beets. But this is still carrot central, in highly alcoholic form. If you’re a regular Bugs Bunny you’re going to dig it, but if you request your salads without the shaved carrots, step away.

These notes come from tasting it neat, but I am fascinated by its capabilities in cocktails. It may work very well in a Bloody Mary, but if I’m feeling brave next Easter, I might roll the dice on a carrot Martini.

— 46% ABV
— $30

CE Rating: ★★★

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