cayman jack margarita

cayman jack margarita

Cinco de Mayo is nearly upon us, and that can only mean one thing. May’s starting. But also, it’s prime margarita season. Reports show that, on average, Americans consume 185,000 margaritas per hour, and that number increases significantly on Cinco de Mayo. That’s a lot of margaritas. That’s also a lot of work.

And that brings us to Cayman Jack, a ready-to-drink and very portable bottled margarita made from 100% blue agave nectar, organic key limes and cane sugar. So there’s no need to break out the juicer and the shaker tins at your backyard barbecue. Just pop the bottle open, pour some Cayman Jack over ice, rim the glass with salt and drop in a lime wedge. Or you can sip it straight from the bottle. There are no wrong answers here.

It’s refreshing with a citrus bite, making it a good option to pair with guacamole, salsas and tacos. Three things that, hopefully, will be a significant part of your May 5th.

And since Cayman Jack comes in a six-pack, you’ll have plenty to share. So if you’re heading to a friend’s place for a Cinco de Mayo party, you’ll be the memorable guests who brought a sixer of margaritas instead of beer.

This is a sponsored conversation written by Cocktail Enthusiast on behalf of Cayman Jack. The opinions and text are ours.

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