Cotswolds Dry Gin Review

The name “Cotswolds” may sound like the name of a cartoon penguin dressed as a butler, but it’s actually an area of southern England famed for its rolling hills, bucolic landscape, and quaint cottages. The team behind Cotswolds Dry Gin has endeavored to make a London dry-style spirit enhanced by local Cotswolds lavender, plus bay leaf, grapefruit, lime peel, black pepper, and cardamom.

The gin has strong juniper on the nose, accompanied by some lighter floral notes. Flavor-wise, the juniper is big, bold, and piney. Yet it’s tempered by a rounded, creamy mouthfeel and moderate temperature. Though powerful, the juniper emerges in measured doses rather than a single surge. There’s also a lovely floral undercurrent at play, which chiefly expresses itself in lavender and violet. Black pepper appears at the dry finish, played out by cardamom.

Cotswolds Dry Gin makes a knock-out Gin and Tonic, as the strong juniper and soft floral notes give the tonic some real bite and complexity. In a Martini, it gives a robust performance best enjoyed by true juniper seekers.


— 46% ABV
— $39.99

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