Death’s Door Vodka comes courtesy of Death’s Door Spirits, a craft distiller based in Wisconsin. Bucking the industry standard of producing vodka in a column still, Death’s Door Vodka is distilled in a 90 gallon copper pot still. This is a more labor-intensive process, but it usually results in a flavor-forward spirit with more character. We already like their compelling name – as well as their Death’s Door Gin – so let’s dive in.

Death’s Door Vodka is clean and simple on the nose and lacks the rough, alcoholic top notes present in so many vodkas. The 60:40 mix of locally-sourced organic wheat and malted barley comes through, with mild aromas of grain and cereal. Take a sip to taste one of the softer vodkas on the market. It’s oily and creamy on the tongue, with semi-sweet flavors of vanilla. It finishes clean with a dryness that slowly fades. This is pretty drinkable stuff.

Overall, we like these Death’s Door chaps, and it’s not just because of their good gin, good vodka and decent white whisky. We’re suckers for artisan distillers utilizing local, organic ingredients and traditional processes. Yes, you pay more for such luxuries, but unlike similarly priced imported brands, your extra money goes toward their production costs rather than their marketing bills.

– $28
– 40% ABV

CE Rating: ★★★


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  • Todd Bertrand says:

    Good evening,
    I just received a bottle of this “death’s door” vodka and decided to mix up my favorite drink, a dirty martini. What an incredible vodka. I usually drink kettle one but I found this to be better than kettle one or even grey goose. I will certainly purchase again….This is really an enjoyable vodka. Good job!!!! thanks for a smooth drink…

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