diplomatico planas

There’s something about dodging snow drifts for a week straight that puts you in a rum drinking mood. Perhaps it’s the tropical environs evoked by a sip of the distilled molasses beverage: or more likely, it’s just a nice way to take the edge off during the February blues.

Last evening my rum of choice was Diplomático Planas, one of two new rums released by Diplomático as part of their new Tradition Range. Planas, named after the valley that Diplomático calls home, is aged for six years and weighs in at a respectable 47% ABV.

This white rum is almost clear, with a slight silvery coloring. The nose is something like sticking your face into a fruit stand: there’s ripe banana, cherry, plum and kiwi. The spirit starts light on the tongue, then jolts to life with a zesty dash of citrus. The palate is awash in citrus, tangerine, and then a sweet note of caramelized sugar as the light spirit begins to pick up more body.

It’s still very light-bodied for a 94 proof spirit, and the spice it presents is subtle and balanced–a straight line that neither climaxes nor fizzles out.

The light body and complex fruit flavors of Diplomático Planas make it an excellent sipping rum for warmer months. I felt hesitant to use it in a Hemingway Daiquiri, even if its reasonable price tag justifies mixing, because of its complexity. But those sweet and varied fruit flavors provide an excellent foil to the traditional daiquiri’s tartness, producing a superbly balanced cocktail.

I know what I’ll be drinking come summertime. Or right now.

— 47% ABV
— $29

CE Rating: ★★★★

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