bottle of Dorothy Parker Rose Petal Gin
Image: Gabi Porter

Rather than start this review with a witty Dorothy Parker quote on drinking, I’m going to cut straight to the chase and say that The New York Distilling Company has brought back its Dorothy Parker Rose Petal Gin for another season of gleeful warm-weather tippling.

As with past editions of the seasonal release, the gin achieves its rosy hue via an infusion of red and pink rose petals and crushed elderberries, the latter of which moonlights as one of the gin’s eight botanicals. The other seven botanicals that make up its bouquet are juniper berries, coriander, hibiscus petals, green cardamom pods, cinnamon bark, lemon peel, and orange peel.

Its nose is spicy, strong, and sweet, with a floral undercurrent that recalls rose petals and honeysuckle. It’s light and creamy on the palate with a certain malty, floral sweetness that brought genever to mind. Yet it’s hooked to an undertow of spice that works itself up until it pops at the end, coming off with a snap of juniper rather than a bellow. The finish is strong and lingering with notes of rose petals beside the spice.

Dorothy Parker Rose Petal Gin performs admirably in a Gin and Tonic, which really serves to highlight its floral aspects. This came as a pleasant surprise, as I’d thought that the gin’s softness might leave it limp and buried below the tonic, but it still shined through. In sum, a highly refreshing choice for a G&T that still possesses a definite presence and body. 


— 44% ABV
— $40

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