dos maderas px rumDos Maderas PX Rum is produced by Spanish company Williams and Hubert, and rather than using Spanish-style rums, it’s a blend of rums sourced from Barbados and Guyana. Dos Maderas PX Rum is the product of a unique triple aging process. The rum sits in oak for five years in the Caribbean before being shipped to Spain, where it sits for a combined five more years in 20-year-old Dos Cortados and Don Guido sherry casks.

Dos Maderas PX Rum is a deep mahogany color with highlights of amber and copper in the glass.  The nose starts with plenty of vanilla and toasted sugar, then gives way to nutmeg and candied fruits.  Tasting the rum brings more of the same, plus the emergence of strong raisin flavors—a product of aging in sherry casks—plus some cherry notes, caramel and fig.  It finishes with more raisin and a mild nuttiness.

The PX is very sweet but not cloying, and it’s exceedingly smooth.  It’s the definition of a sipping spirit, and even ice seems superfluous.  Its unique, sherry-influenced character presents a few problems when crafting traditional rum cocktails, like the daiquiri, but it opens up a slew of fun options for mixing into spiced holiday punches, egg nogs and flips.

All in all, it’s a very good spirit that, while strikingly different from most aged rums, is worth seeking out and sampling.

– Aged 10 years
– 40% ABV
– $40

CE Rating: ★★★★


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  • At The Rum Project my tasting partner Sue Sea and I have reviewed over 150 rums and other spirits (mostly rum) and it’s rare for us to find a rum we haven’t tried. As many know most new spirits fail (about 70%). It really take time for a rum to succeed and to be perfected.

    Dos Maderas is an exception. Still a fairly new offering, but one we pray will succeed. It is elegant and one of the very few rums that crosses the style boundaries with such ease and grace.

    Jamaican aromatics, Barbadian complexity, Cuban smoothness and Demeraran softness, this rum has it all. We spent a lot of time evaluating this rum and reviewing it, and I urge you to read our extensive review and comparison to Doorly’s XO.

    Linked at my name (Capn Jimbo’s Rum Project) above…

    In the meanwhile, if you see a hard-to-find bottle, grab it. It will soon be one of your preferred fine rums.

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