Today at Tales of the Cocktail Drambuie introduced a new expression – Drambuie 15. Drambuie 15 is made with a selection of 15-year-old Speyside malts. It’s a refined, drier expression that brings the liqueur’s whiskey notes to the forefront. According to the company –

This is achieved by the careful selection of old Speyside malts with soft, complex fragrance and flavors to complement the aromas of the secret Drambuie recipe. The resulting drink is designed to appeal to malt whisky drinkers and is perfect for sipping and savoring either neat or over ice.

“To reach the high standards required for Drambuie 15, each individual cask is sampled and evaluated, with only the very best casks imparting the Speyside Malt characteristics being selected for use in the product,” said Derek McInally, whiskey stocks manager for Drambuie.

Drambuie 15 is bottled at 86 proof (43% ABV) and will be available nationwide at a suggested retail price of $56 for a one liter bottle.


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