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Glendalough Rose Gin

Summer may be in the rear view, but we’re comfortable considering pink gin a year-round affair. Launched this past June, Glendalough Rose Gin is another entry in the expanding library of pink-tinted juniper spirits, which stands out thanks to its inclusion of three different species of rose.

To make the gin, Glendalough rejiggered its Wild Botanical Gin and redistilled it with additional spices and botanicals, including Heritage roses, Damask roses, and Wild Irish Mountain roses. After this redistillation, the gin is infused with even more rose petals to perfect its pleasing pink hue.

The nose is unsurprisingly floral, but accented with white pepper and juniper. It’s gentle and light on the tongue and kicks off with soft rose petal. Rosemary emerges at the center, coupled with a strong backbone of juniper spice in case you forgot this was a gin. After those more savory and spicy notes, it dips back into soft florality, capped off by a sweet note of cantaloupe and a final parting shot of juniper and white pepper.

There’s an almost cyclical rise-fall-rise nature to its light floral character and sharp spice, which together make for an unusual (and enjoyable) spirit that’s still recognizable as gin. It proves an able companion to tonic water, too: when mixed in a G&T the spirit adds a gentle floral touch and a noticeable dash of pepper to the proceedings.


— 41% ABV
— $34.99

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