With the introduction of Heaven Hill’s Red State and Blue State bourbons, voters can now wear their political affiliations on their whiskey bottles. The new bourbons are identical except for packaging, so the politically apathetic can choose based on color or animal preference.

Heaven Hill hopes the dueling bourbons will create a lot of buzz going into the 2012 Presidential elections. Chances are good, as political doublespeak and lofty campaign promises often drive people to drink. Whether Red State and Blue State bourbons will fuel the fire or create a more mellow atmosphere for conversation is unclear. But we’ve yet to find a political gathering that’s not improved by a bottle of whiskey.

From Heaven Hill –

“During this topsy-turvy election year, we wanted to launch a fun and unique Bourbon brand that will be the life of both parties, as the race begins for the next President of the United States. What better way to, not only show your patriotic spirit, but kick back, relax and watch the action as the success of each brand becomes an entertaining results indicator of Election 2012,” said Kate Latts, Director of Marketing at Heaven Hill Distilleries.

Red State and Blue State bourbons will be available nationally beginning in January 2012. Hopefully their presence in the market will lead to a decrease in the number of politically-charged yard signs and bumper stickers.

It’s yet to be determined if Heaven Hill will release a bottle geared toward Independents.


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