The Bevvy Insider channel is where we provide updates on what we’re up to, and what we’re thinking about at Bevvy. It’s been several months since our last update, and we’ve been quite busy. We’d like to share some of our recent progress with you:

  • Secure, encrypted browsing. All communication between Bevvy and your browser is now encrypted and private, safe from prying eyes and malicious users on your wifi network or DSL/cable connection.
  • Full-text search index. We’ve added ElasticSearch — a highly-scalable enterprise-level search engine — to Bevvy, so you can find drinks faster. This first version enables you to quickly search across multiple content types, narrow large result sets by filtering, and retrieve results with improved relevancy, and we have many additional enhancements in the works. Because let’s face it, who likes waiting a long time to order their drink lookup drink information?
  • Enhanced drink history tracking. Bevvy users have been able to track the drinks they like, as well as save drinks to any number of collections. Now, users can also track easily the drinks they’ve tried before, or want to try. And when our spirits database launches later this fall, users will also be able to track the spirits they own, and those they wish to buy. Just look for the Tried?, Owned? options on the drink tiles, and on the main drink pages. The curated lists appear on a user’s profile, and can easily be shared with social media and on the web.
  • Faster page load times and overall performance improvements. We’ve recently upgraded our servers and made some significant code optimizations. You should have noticed that pages are loading faster than before, and as you click or tap around, everything is just a bit snappier.
  • Improved usability and design. A number of pages have been revamped including profile pages, collection pages, home/dashboard pages, drink pages, recipe edit pages, notification panels, and more. You’ll find the overall experience more intuitive, and with improved workflows.
  • Upgraded mobile experience. The mobile experience has also been refreshed, and we added optimizations for larger mobile devices including the iPhone 6/6+. Use Bevvy anywhere, and on any device – we don’t discriminate, and love you unconditionally, whether you’re on a desktop, tablet, phone, iOS, Android, or something else.
  • Continued curation. Our work here is never done, and will never be done. We obsess over data and curate incessantly to bring you the best and most accurate information we can.
  • And last, but certainly not least—more quality content. Look for some exciting new interviews, product coverage, and more in the coming weeks and beyond.

And most of all, and perhaps some of the best highlights of our job — we’ve tried a lot of new products, met a lot of new folks, and made a lot of new friends in the past several months. Here’s to great times, great people, and great booze.

We’re constantly meandering about, so if you see us, give us a shout and let’s raise a glass together.


Photo: The Social Network, Columbia Pictures

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