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One of the biggest product splashes of the past two weeks was the introduction of Captain Morgan Black – a higher proof, bolder take on Captain Morgan’s flagship spiced rum. Spiced rum is a popular market segment, mostly due to its easy-going flavor and mixability – Captain and Coke being a common call at bars. Captain Morgan has enjoyed dominance in this market segment, but has witnessed increased competition from brands like The Kraken and Bacardi Oakheart.

Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum clocks in at 94.6 proof, well above the 70 proof original. It’s geared toward those who prefer bolder sipping spirits like whiskey and want a spiced rum that delivers more flavor while standing up in cocktails.

Captain Morgan Black is produced from Caribbean blackstrap rum and other ingredients like clove spice and cassia bark. After distillation, it’s finished in double charred blackened oak, which smoothes out the spice and adds a more discernible oaky note than the original. It’s less sweet, but still offers plenty of clove and cinnamon spice, plus lots of oaky vanilla. The flavor varies considerably from the sugary 70 proof version, which is good, because simply offering a higher proof spirit would be redundant, given the brand’s already-available 100 proof Captain Morgan 100.

In addition to drinking it straight or on the rocks, Captain Morgan Black hopes to find its way into more elevated cocktails like the Old Fashioned. We’ll see if that takes hold, or if consumers continue to associate the Captain Morgan brand as a mixer for Coke and ginger ale.

Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum is available nationwide at a suggested retail price of $21.99 for a 750ml bottle.

Have you tried it yet? If yes, let’s hear your thoughts.


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  • Nikolay says:

    I tried your praised Captain Morgan black Jamaica rum 0,5 L flask and was disappointed. This is not a rum at all. I think or you don”t understand what is real rum, or this drink is counterfeit.

  • ROSIE says:

    Of all the drinks…Spicy Rum is the only one!! Mixed with some karreeokee fun and wake up fresh and dandy no need for a hair of the dog!! LOL

    Just curious why is it…spicy rum drink enuff of it and you NEVER have a hungover in the morning??? It’s goood stuff!

  • Josh says:

    I bought a 750 ml bottle of this yesterday. I poured 100ml of the rum into a tall glass, which is equivalent to two shots. I then poured iced tea into the glass until it was 3/4 full. I also added two packets of equal to the mix, then stirred it all together. I then finished filling the glass to the top with ice. Took my 1st drink and the rum was good, considering the alcohol content of the bottle is 47% and or 94 proof. By the time the night was over I drank a total of 5 shots of the captain morgan mixed with iced tea. The vanilla taste in this black spiced rum is consistent, helps hide the alcohol. But I think it get’s in the way after so many drinks. I’m going to finish the bottle, then I want to try another spiced rum. I recommend giving it a try, it’s good rum. No hangover in the morning either.

  • Joe says:

    I just tried this tonight for the first time.
    Me and my wife thaought it was great.
    Very smooth…excellent taste.

    Highly recomend it.

  • d says:

    This is a very good spiced rum. I never buy cheap rums, and bought this after having a chance to taste it when my local store was out of Kilo Kai. I was very surprised at the quality, to say the least. I use spiced rum as a mixer usually, half and half for drinks like cuba libres (this is the old school, real rum and coke mixer, and it is a very good drink. Use the juice of 1 whole lime, and 3 oz of rum in a tall glass with lots of ice, and then top it off with a good cola. I use mexican coke, which is made with sugar and tastes much better. I like to use half spiced rum and half dark rum).

    This, like Kilo Kai, can be sipped on its own. It has a strong molasses base, with lots of vanilla and various other spices. It is very smooth, and the oak is evident, especially in the nose. I doubt anyone would think this came from Captain Morgan in a blind taste test. Give it a try.

  • J says:

    Wonder how it stacks up to the Kraken. Might be good for adding to pork crock=pot recipes instead of using up the good stuff.

  • Nick Woodward says:

    Looks like the Captain Morgan designers have been “inspired by” (ie copied) The Kraken Black Spiced Rum But then I guess a dead pirate isn’t going to be blessed with much imagination

  • Tyler says:

    I’d be interested to try this. Captain was always one of my faves but I think it’s too sweet now. I guess my tastes have changed. The Captain Black sounds like it might be what I’m looking for. I’ve mostly stopped drinking spiced rums, but will definitely give this a try

    • Ben says:

      You’re absolutely right – it tastes refreshingly different, isn’t too sweet, and is deceptively strong given the taste. It makes coke taste a bit like vanilla coke…

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