After four years in development, Samurai Love Sake is about to launch in the United States.  With its distinctive red bottle and memorable name, Samurai Love Sake will hit liquor stores, hotels and bars beginning in January 2010, a move Founder and CEO Marco Liuzzo hopes will expand sake’s reputation and popularity in America.

According to the company, Samurai Love Sake is a premium sake that “carries a full-bodied flavor, layered with earthy aromas.”  It is made from the “finest ingredients and the freshest, soft water (low mineral content) of Niigata, Japan, giving it an extraordinarily clear and smooth taste.”

Southern Wine & Spirits of New York will distribute the sake on the East Coast, from which the fledging spirit company will expand into other territories. A major marketing campaign will begin prior to Valentine’s Day, highlighting the romantic qualities of this “love” sake. Renowned mixologist Junior Merino will act as Samurai’s official mixologist and create signature cocktails for the brand, kicking off a debut drink for Valentine’s Day.

Liuzzo mentioned that, in developing Samurai Love Sake, he wanted to create a sake especially for Americans.  “We wanted exceptional quality but something that was approachable, fun and easy to remember.”

A bottle of Samurai Love Sake will set you back about $32, and if you buy a bottle, try it chilled.  Although many Japanese restaurants serve sake warm, Liuzzo notes that his sake, and most good sakes, are best served chilled to bring out their true flavors.

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That’s interesting that sake came up a lot this year when I was researching homemade cocktail recipes. Specifically, I was seeing a lot about this brand and TY KU Sake. Their mascot is the ninja while this one is the samurai. How funny!


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