white pike whiskeyDoes America need another white whiskey? White Pike thinks so. Hailing from Schuyler County, NY, the just-released White Pike Whiskey is the alcoholic child of Mother Industries, a New York based creative company that was excited by the emerging culture of craft distilleries. Soon enough, they had the idea of creating a highly mixable white whiskey, and to make it a reality, they partnered with Thomas McKenzie and Brian McKenzie of Finger Lakes Distilling. That’s a solid move, as Finger Lakes Distilling produces Glen Thunder Corn Whiskey, perhaps our favorite in the category.

White whiskeys are typically the product of small distillers who can’t afford to age their spirits for several years before bottling (technically, whiskeys have to be aged, and White Pike sees the inside of a barrel for 18 minutes before bottling). They have their place, sure, but the proliferation of white whiskeys has reached a nearly overwhelming rate. That said, as far as white spirits go, we’ll take whiskey over vodka nine times out of 10, but even we have to concede that there’s more of a market for vodkas than unaged whiskeys.

Master Distiller Thomas McKenzie created White Pike from a recipe of corn, spelt and malted wheat, and the company says that White Pike mixes in ways that brown whiskeys cannot. Until we sample White Pike for ourselves, here are some details and tasting notes from the company:

The White Pike Difference

  • White Pike mixes in ways brown whiskeys won’t
  • Farming, distillation and bottling all done locally
  • When we bottle it, we ship it straight away
  • Ingredients: organic spelt, corn, malted wheat
  • Family-owned distillery, Alabama-trained Master Distiller
  • No commercial enzymes are used because malted wheat gets the job done better

Tasting Notes

  • Nose: Smells like harvest time in a creamy cornfield
  • Taste: Calls to mind fresh buttered toast, rich in the middle and smooth as silk
  • Finish: Very clean, integrated
  • Overall: Good for a mixer, or a little nip with a taste of water behind it.

For now, White Pike Whiskey is only available in New York, with prices starting around $32.


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  • Rob-o says:

    Well…I had the refreshing oppurtunity to visit the McKenzie Boys’ distilley @ Senaca Lake. Spoke to the guys who profess that craft presentation Brian &Tom…having picked up their 18min aged new-make, we here @ the maltbar.com feel this would greatly benefit from a flavour boost @ a “craft presented” 46% AbV. The 40% inhibits that full flavour the boys are shooting for. We also feel that if an upstart distlley wants to compete w/the Big boys then begin with the “craft artisan” fullness. More % means more flavour. Please please, Mr’s McKenzie, when your single-malt comes online, DO NOT settle for the hum drum…go for it…both feet (all 4) & present this malt w/the “Full Craft” offering it will deserve. Speaking from Exp., good luck guys.
    Rob-o from the Maltbar

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