Jack Daniel's Gold No. 27 Tennessee Whiskey

If you’ve traveled through Asia in recent years, you might have seen Jack Daniel’s No. 27 Gold Tennessee Whiskey in duty-free stores. Now, after finding success overseas, the brand is releasing this whiskey stateside.

Jack Daniel’s No. 27 Gold Tennessee Whiskey is a double-barrel and double-mellowed take on the flagship Old No. 7, and uses the same tried-and-true grain bill of 80 percent corn, 12 percent malted barley, and eight percent rye. Once distilled, the whiskey is first aged in a new charred American white oak barrel, and then moved into maple wood barrels for another six to 12 months for an extra dose of maturation. All Jack Daniel’s whiskey is charcoal mellowed, a step known as the Lincoln County Process. In this case, No. 27 Gold Tennessee Whiskey is charcoal mellowed a second time before being bottled.

The price, which clocks in at $99.99, may surprise regular Jack Daniel’s drinkers. But if you’d like to give this one a whirl, you’ll find a smooth sipping whiskey that’s sporting more flavor and and a richer mouthfeel due to its extra time in barrel.

“The natural amber hue, along with a scent of toasted oak and honey, offer an intricate texture and taste, making this whiskey a very distinct and luxury product,” said Master Distiller Jeff Arnett.

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