jackdanielstennesseehoney.jpgJack Daniel’s is set to release its first new product in nearly a generation – Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey. The product is a honey liqueur that’s blended with Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey. Tennessee Honey will likely compete with products already on the market, like Wild Turkey’s American Honey.

A sample bottle has arrived at Cocktail Enthusiast headquarters, so naturally, we cracked it open. On the nose, there’s some honey sweetness, but the whiskey comes through nicely. Take a sip however, and the whiskey is muted by the honey. It’s a pleasant flavor overall, with a bit of cinnamon spice to balance the honey sweetness, but it’s a far cry from Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7. It’s rich and syrupy on the palate, and the finish is long and sweet. This is not a whiskey for serious whiskey drinkers, but it’s a pretty tasty liqueur that might appeal to fans of products like Jim Beam Red Stag or Wild Turkey American Honey.

As far as mixing goes, the company notes that Tennessee Honey’s flavor profile makes it a good addition to lemonade, ginger ale or iced tea.

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey will hit store shelves in April 2011 and be available in all U.S. states.

– 35% Alcohol by Volume
– $22 / BUY

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  • Taste is different for me sometimes. I read one review about nail polish and got that and it was strange. But also sometimes I get a lot of bananas which I like but not really what im looking for. Other times I taste caramel and charcoal. Its a love or hate it whisky and it changes for me. The middle is the best part, start and finish is boring. Isn’t complex. Its unique in a way that its not like most bourbons or ryes but in this case its not a + thing. I like it most times but theres a lot more others that I would choose over this when im at the store buying a cheap bottle

  • LA says:

    Hi! I love Jack Daniels honey whiskey. I recently discovered this great drink. It is new, as I read but so smooth and yummy.

  • Canadian Brad says:

    Just picked up my first bottle of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey tonight. Been a long-time fan of good old JD. This certainly isn’t a replacement for it, but the nice, sweet honey tones come across nicely, and it will make for a nice change-up every so often. I look forward to substituting this in favour of the original No. 7 in a couple of different mixes this summer.

  • the dude abides says:

    its not the classic but great for summertime sippin. a lot lighter and more refreshing than you’d expect and far from sticky like wild turkeys honey variety. been drinkin jack since i was 15 and i welcome the new addition to the family and my bar. lower proof but i have nothin to prove, split a fifth it’ll still get you where you’re goin. nobody ever bitches about the proof of Jager(which is still plenty strong) and its not scotch so it doesn’t matter the proof as far as classification so pour one up and enjoy

  • Dane says:

    Tried this tonight and I agree 100%. I love Old No. 7 and when i smelled this i was excited to smell the whiskey with the scent of honey. However the sweetness overpowers the flavor of the whiskey. Dangerously smooth as well. I like the bite in Jack. It reminds not to drink too much.

  • Denise says:

    Really don’t care for JD but I was given a shot “Honey Jacks” and YES, I am now an addict!!!!! it’s very smooth and cuts the edge off of a hard days work.

  • Ben says:

    Hey I like the stuff and I have been drinking Jack Black long before they cut the proof back. Let’s face it folks there is a place for this rendition of Jack. All I have to say is keep up the good work.

  • smokerocks says:

    this is like crack for the little kids who love to drink

  • ilike2drink says:

    Good for the days you got to WORK :)… Lite and cool. Far cry from the OG. But nice to have around.

  • Gerald says:

    This is like Porsche making SUVs. Sure it’s intriguing, but stick with what got you here.

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