three Jameson Ginger and Lime canned cocktails

Jameson has been busy lately. A couple months ago, they gave us Jameson Orange, and now they’ve released Jameson Ginger & Lime. But this time, rather than a new whiskey expression, it’s a canned cocktail.

The carbonated ready-to-drink (RTD) cocktail combines the brand’s flagship triple-distilled Jameson Irish whiskey with natural ginger and lime flavors. It’s sold as a four-pack of 12-ounce cans, and each can tips the scale at 6% ABV.

Canned and bottled cocktails have witnessed incredible growth over the past few years. According to IWSR Drinks Market Analysis, RTDs showed the biggest volume gains in U.S. alcohol consumption in 2020, and in 2021 they outpaced spirits and wine in total volume. Industry heavyweights like White Claw and Truly have been joined by a slew of upstarts and major brands alike. Today, you can find hundreds of different RTDs spanning hard seltzers, questionable malt-based beverages, and craft cocktails made with high-quality spirits and mixers.

“The Jameson Ginger & Lime ready-to-drink cocktail was inspired by one of our all-time fan-favorite recipes, “said Kate Pomeroy, Head of Innovation at Pernod Ricard North America. “Our goal was simple—to create a cocktail experience that is easy and delicious.”

“After two years of canceled plans, consumers deserve to celebrate with something extra special this St. Patrick’s Day,” added Pamela Forbus, Chief Marketing Officer at Pernod Ricard North America. She says the new product release was driven by the overwhelming demand for products that can be consumed outdoor and on-the-go. It also coincides with Jameson’s push to make St. Patrick’s Day a two-day holiday this year (March 17 and 18), after the pandemic canceled the majority of celebrations over the past two years.

Four-packs of Jameson Ginger & Lime are available on Drizly for $14.99.

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