Once described by George Orwell as “most un-get-at-able,” the Isle of Jura is a remote place in a country that prizes remoteness. The isle, which sits only a few miles from Scotland, has just 200 residents, one road, one pub, and importantly for our purposes, one distillery.

The Jura distillery first opened in 1810, but closed its doors in 1901. Fortunately, the thirsty locals resurrected it in 1963. Fast forward to right now, and Jura is releasing a new line specific for US markets, with Jura 10 the first of these whiskies to hit American shores.

Jura 10 has been matured in American Oak bourbon barrels, and finished in aged Oloroso sherry butts. It pours a light copper-red in the glass. The nose invokes Islay scotches, with smoke and peat, but also contains vanilla bean and fruity notes like stewed pears and peaches.

It is soft and cool on the tongue, with a creamy, viscous mouthfeel that remains consistent throughout the experience. The first flavors are nectarine, then apple and ripe, juicy strawberry. Caramel emerges at the back of the palate, followed by vanilla, moderate spice and oak. A subtle, lingering finish concludes with vanilla ice cream.

Jura 10 is a remarkably soft whisky with a satisfyingly creamy texture and big, juicy flavor. In summary: it’s delicious. And quite easy-drinking, while still enjoying a full range of flavors. Those characteristics, coupled with its moderate price tag, make it a fine addition to any scotch library.

CE Stats:
— 40% ABV
— $54.99

CE Rating: ★★★★

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