knappogue castle 16 year twin woodMore news from Knappogue Castle. Just last month we told you about the release of their 14 year Twin Wood, and now, the brand’s announced the release of their 16 Year Twin Wood Irish Whiskey. This latest expression is aged for 14 years and three months in ex-bourbon casks. From there, it’s moved to sherry casks where it stays put for another 21 months. Do a little math and, yup, 16 years.

All that time in sherry oak yields a spirit that’s deep, complex and very smooth, with a fruity nose and dark chocolate notes. While the bourbon barrels add some woody vanilla.

“The 16-Year-Old Twin Wood follows in our tradition of creating single malt Irish whiskeys of exceptional quality,” says Mark Edwin Andrews III, Chairman of the Board of Castle Brands and innovator of single malt Irish whiskies. “This spirit aged beautifully, and we are proud to continue the Knappogue Castle legacy that began decades ago.”

Knappogue Castle Twin Wood 16 Year was distilled in 1995, bottled in December 2012 and will be released this month in a limited batch of 4,500 bottles. All those bottles are hand-signed and hand-numbered, so it ought to make a nice collector’s item. Or you could just drink it.

– 40% Alcohol by Volume
– $100

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