knob creek rye whiskeyFounded in 1992, Knob Creek is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. And to commemorate the occasion, Knob Creek has introduced its first rye whiskey, a 100 proof spirit that pays homage to America’s favorite pre-prohibition drink. Aside from a 20th anniversary present to itself – and to its legion of Knob Creek Bourbon fans – Knob Creek Rye was introduced to address the growing trend of craft spirits and contemporary cocktail culture, especially within the rye whiskey category. It’s nice to see Knob Creek playing in this field, though it does seem like a late entrance from the pioneering brand that literally created the small batch bourbon category.

Knob Creek Rye is a blend of rye whiskeys that have been aged up to nine years. It pours a light amber color in the glass and has distinctly spicy aromas of rye grains and strong oak. The nose hints at sweet vanilla undertones, which open up on the palate, along with notes of cherry, charcoal and tobacco. It remains rich and full-bodied from open to close, and finishes with a warm, lingering spice.

That’s some good rye. At 100 proof, it’s more spicy than hot, and like the bourbon, it’s easy to drink straight. That said, rye whiskeys always have good application in cocktails, and Knob Creek Rye is no different. Mix it into Manhattans and Old Fashioneds, or try it in an Old Pal Cocktail, a drink which begs for a 100 proof base.

Well done, Knob Creek. It’s been a good 20 years, and between the Bourbon, Single Barrel Bourbon and new Knob Creek Rye, that’s a solid trio.

Knob Creek Rye Whiskey will be available in select markets starting in March 2012 and will be released nationally in July 2012.

– 50% Alcohol by Volume
– $35.99

CE Rating: ★★★★


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  • magezi says:

    Jim Beam uses these “patiently aged” and “aged to perfection” statements when they don’t want directly say how old these whiskies are.
    Aged to perfection was on the label of export jim beam black, which now are 6 years old “triple aged”. Everyone knows they sell 8 years old “double aged” in US. Nice logic! 🙂
    And now here we have in Knob creek rye information that there really is little (or more, who knows?)quantity of 9 years old whisky!
    Hey Jim beam! Come on! Who wants these kinds of information? Who do they think they are fooling?

  • From Knob Creek –

    “Knob Creek Rye is a blend of the finest quality, extra-aged rye whiskey, including whiskey that has been aged for as long as nine years.”

    So it looks like the whiskey is a blend of ryes aged nine years and younger.

  • There’s no age statement on the bottle or website. It just says “patiently aged.” But I hear it’s nine years like the bourbon. Trying to get confirmation, and will update asap.

  • Sylvan says:

    What, no age statement?

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