knockeen hills heather ginKnockeen Hills Heather Gin is dubbed a “super premium” London Cut Dry Gin. It hails from England, but it’s produced with Irish whey distillate. And, it’s distilled five times. That’s nothing for vodka, but unusual for gin.

More fun facts — The term “heather gin” is derived from its use of heather as a botanical. That heather joins juniper, coriander, angelica root and savoury for a fairly unique lineup of botanicals. That 5x distillation and inclusion of heather should, in theory, make for an easy-drinking gin. So, let’s take it for a spin.

On the nose, Knockeen Hills Heather Gin is intensely aromatic, with lots of juniper, coriander and citrus zest, plus some mild peppery notes. On the palate, it’s fairly traditional, with juniper as the most prominent flavor. But there’s a background of sweet heather and hints of dried flowers. Its texture is well rounded and creamy, and its long finish is clean and dry with plenty of pepper and citrus.

All in all, pretty good. It’s not as juniper-forward as many London Drys, but it’s not nearly as citrusy and floral as modern-style gins. Its creamy nature makes it easy to drink straight, if that’s your thing. Though a gin and tonic is where this spirit really shines. Its natural sweet heather and citrus notes, paired with the juniper bite, stand up well with a decent tonic like Fever Tree.

– 47.3% Alcohol by Volume
– $40


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